Single payer healthcare, medicare for all

A Big Hug Americans Need: Single Payer Healthcare

In times of uncertainty and hardship, a warm hug can provide comfort and reassurance. However, there’s a bigger hug that Americans need right now, one that embraces them with the security of comprehensive healthcare. The solution lies in single-payer healthcare—a system that offers equitable access to quality medical services, regardless of income or employment status.…

Hugs and human connection

Hugs and Human Connection

One of the most important things in life is human connection. It brings joy, happiness, and satisfaction to our lives. However, in today’s busy world, we often overlook the importance of physical touch, such as hugging. Hugging is an essential gesture that can provide comfort, trust, and security to people. In this blog post, we…

The Importance of Hugs

Hugs are a fundamental part of human interaction. A hug is a physical expression of care, love, support, and empathy, which not only makes us feel affectionate, but also has many physiological and mental health benefits. This blog post will explore the importance of hugs, their effects on our physical and emotional wellbeing, and the…

Free hugs in Maui
Free hugs in HawaiiFree hugs in Maui


While in the small town of Waikulu on the island of Maui in Hawaii, I donned my Free Hugs shirt and was warmly embraced by these two young workers at a juice shop.

How do NFTs work?

How does it work?

Here’s how the process works: A wonderful human like yourself purchases a digital hug on the website. It’s easy with our handy dandy form. You can choose to boost your purchase by adding a dedication to your digital hug that will show up on the registry when someone clicks into the document. You can also…

Hugs are beneficial

Why hugs?

My Mom loved hugs and was a world-class hugger. She passed this trait on to me. I didn’t have children, and I’m single, so I don’t have those built-in hugs like some folks. I know other people don’t have hugs built into their lives either. So, sometimes, I take a FREE HUGS sign to the…

NFT non fungible token golden coins falling. Trendy cryptocurrencies and coins on the blockchain technology. Close up view of crypto money in 3D rendering

Who not use NFTs?

So, why didn’t I just create NFTs for this project? First, I am an environmentalist. According to one estimate, the creation of a single NFT, on average, produces as much greenhouse gas as a 500-mile trip in a typical American gasoline-powered car. The reason is that they’re built on blockchain technology, which involves computers constantly…